Sunday, 17 November 2013

4. Dustin Moskovitz

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  •  Net Worth: $3.8 B                                                                      
  •  Source of Wealth: facebook
  •  Citizen: United states
  •  Age: 29

The world's youngest billionaire, Dustin Moskovitz was Mark Zuckerberg's former roommate and helped him start Facebook. Moskovitz dropped out of Harvard after two years and moved to California to work for the social-networking firm full-time, becoming Facebook's third employee. He left Facebook in 2008 to start Asana, a software company that aims to improve how people work with project collaboration tools. His roughly 5% stake in Facebook comprises the bulk of his fortune; the rise in the company's stock price since September 2012 helped boost his net worth by $2.5 billion. Moskovitz is engaged to former Wall Street Journal reporter Cari Tuna. Together, the couple has devoted some of their time to building Good Ventures, which has given more than $4.5 million to causes that range from malaria eradication to marriage equality.

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